SMP 800-C Current Revision

SMP 800-C (current revision) is also known as the Bombardier toxicity test standards that measure the number of toxic gases, such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, emitted by burning materials. SMP 800 test measures are commonly used in the construction of vehicles, measuring the acceptable levels of concentration vehicle materials can generate into the environment. Maintaining vehicle materials gas emissions limits the amount of risk of injuries in the event of a heat-generated incident and can reduce the likelihood of fires spreading.

SMP 800-C Specifications & Standards Met

Kismet Rubber Products meets SMP 800-C requirements in several compounds in the Transit Grade Rubber industry, including Low Smoke & Flame Neoprene (65 Duro), Neoprene Sponge, Silicone, and EPDM.

With more than 60 years of experience, Kismet Rubber Products has been the primary source for custom rubber fabrications. Customer satisfaction drives Kismet Rubber to produce products that are not only dependable and sustainable but products that surpass testing standards.  As an ISO 9001:2015 certified rubber manufacturer, we house numerous materials, including silicone, rubber (natural), EPDM, Chloroprene, nitrile, fluoroelastomers, and fluorosilicone. All of our products are tested to exceed their expected off-the-shelf life expectancy. Our experts collaborate with you throughout the designing, engineering, and manufacturing of your custom/unique products. Before leaving the facilities, each product undergoes rigorous testing to verify all safety measures are met. Our sole purpose is to deliver honest products and services at a competitive price. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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