Custom Extruded Rubber Profiles

Kismet Rubber Products is a leading manufacturer of custom rubber extrusions, or custom extruded rubber profiles, of high-performance materials for industrial applications. We specialize in custom extruded rubber profiles, tubing & cord, gaskets & seals, washers, and formed hose. Our gasket and seal capabilities, and extruded rubber seals, include door and window glazing gaskets for marine and transit applications and specialty gaskets for electrical enclosures. We offer a special compound that resists smoke, flame & toxicity.

Over the past 60 years, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, reliable custom extruded rubber profiles that meet the most exacting application requirements. As a rubber extrusions manufacturer, our products are used throughout a range of industries, including the construction, marine, transportation, aerospace, electronics, food processing, healthcare, and power generation industries. We also serve the OEM and replacement parts markets.

Why Choose Kismet Rubber Products For Your Custom Extruded Rubber Profiles?

At Kismet Rubber, we understand that the quality of your finished product depends on the quality of the components you use. We are committed to manufacturing your part to the highest standard of excellence, including industry-specific standards such as Mil-Spec, so you can be assured that your Kismet component will meet or exceed your expectations. Learn more about how Kismet can be your go-to, rubber extrusions manufacturer and how we can create custom extruded rubber profiles and more.