Extruded Rubber for Power Generation

With energy demand on the rise, the pressure is on power generators to improve efficiency and reliability while lessening environmental impacts. Solve those challenges with quality elastomeric parts and services, including renewable energy rubber extrusions, and extruded rubber for electric utilities and more, from Kismet Rubber Products.

As a top manufacturer of high-performance rubber, and silicone products for the power generation industry and its suppliers, we can provide a timely solution to suit your application’s unique needs at a competitive price.

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Common Power Generation Applications:

Kismet Rubber Products manufactures components to withstand ultraviolet light and sunlight exposure and provide an effective seal for pressure-containing, flow-wetted environments. Power generating processes can benefit from our silicone and EDPM products, which include U-channels, high-temperature gaskets, hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Applications that often utilize Kismet Rubber Products components include:


  • Windmills
  • Solar panels and hydroelectric turbines
  • Electric utilities
  • Coal
  • Natural gas
  • Nuclear power

Optimize energy production at your facility with efficient, single-source sealing and gasket solutions from Kismet Rubber Products. Our specialties include custom extruding, curing design assistance and value-added services, which include precision slitting, notching and hole punching to finish your extruded part. We also offer assembly of metal-to-rubber and plastic-to-rubber parts.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified extruded gaskets and seals manufacturer and service provider, our team strives to deliver the highest quality products to your facility without delay. Acquire dependable rubber components for your application from Kismet Rubber Products. Get a quote today on renewable energy rubber extrusions, extruded rubber for electric utilities and more!

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