Low Smoke, Flame & Toxicity EPDM

Kismet Rubber Products manufactures a custom EPDM compound that is ideal for the mass transit industry including rail and bus applications. These demanding environments require rubber compounds that resist smoke generation, flame propagation and toxic fume buildup to ensure the safety of travelers. Kismet’s 60 durometer EPDM compound complies with the following specifications for smoke, flame and toxic gas production:

  • ASTM E 162-13 (Surface flammability)
  • ASTM C 1166-06 (2011) as cited by ASTM C 542 Section 7.8 (Flame propagation)
  • ASTM E 662-14  (Smoke generation)
  • SMP 800-C (current revision)
  • ASTM E 162-13
  • ASTM E 1354-15

Physical Characteristics:

Durometer HardnessTensile StrengthUltimate Elongation PercentTemperature Range

4 MPa min. / 585 PSI

350% min

-40 to +320 F

Low Smoke, Flame & Toxicity EDPM


Kismet is able to manufacture the following items using our fire-resistant compound:

Kismet Rubber Products is based in Blue Ridge, Georgia and manufactures custom rubber extrusions for a variety of industries. To place an order for our low smoke, flame & toxicity compound, please request a quote today!

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