Mass Transit Grade Rubber - Smoke, Flame & Toxicity

Kismet Rubber Products manufactures custom rubber parts from transit-grade rubber compounds that are ideal for the mass transit & transportation industry, including rail and bus applications. We currently have four transit-grade & flame retardant rubber compounds, and we are working on creating more transit-grade compounds. The demanding environments in transit & rail require rubber compounds that resist smoke generation, flame propagation, and toxic fume buildup to ensure the safety of travelers. Kismet’s transit-grade compounds comply with the following specifications for smoke, flame, and toxic gas production (sometimes referred to as "FST" for Flame, Smoke and Toxicity):

Low Smoke, Flame & Toxicity EDPM

What Materials are Used in Mass Transportation?

Kismet's mass transit grade rubber compounds for smoke, flame, and toxicity include:

Kismet Rubber will work with material manufacturers to customize transit grade compounds to meet your applications. Call us today at (706) 426-0400 to discuss your project needs.

Products that use Fire-Resistant Compounds:

Kismet is able to manufacture the following items using our fire-resistant compound (flame-retardant rubber):

Kismet Rubber Products is based in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and manufactures custom rubber extrusions for a variety of industries, including transportation. To place an order for our low smoke, flame & toxicity (FST) rubber compounds and flame retardant rubber, please request a quote today! 

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