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PFAs Chemicals & Its Effects

PFAS Chemicals & Its Effects

There are thousands of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, a class of chemicals that remains stable for an incredibly long time. PFAS chemicals can remain in the environment for decades; they are bioaccumulative and can contribute to serious health effects. Rubber manufacturers rely on PFAS to impart desirable qualities to their materials. Rubber products with these chemicals are widely used in automotive, aerospace, food manufacturing, medical products, power generation, semiconductors, and other industries. 

What are PFAS Chemicals?

The number of PFAS in use concerns many medical professionals and environmental scientists. These chemicals are in thousands of everyday items. When disposed of, they remain in the soil and can leach into groundwater supplies. 

Scientists have found PFAS chemicals in air, fish, soil, and water samples around the globe. Two of the most widely used PFAS are perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). Current research shows that environmental exposure to these substances can cause serious health effects.

Are there Health Effects of PFAS?

Many of the effects of PFAS chemicals are still not well understood. However, the EPA lists the following as possible effects of prolonged exposure:

  • Decreased fertility
  • Developmental delays in children 
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Increased cancer risk (prostate, kidney, testicular)
  • Low birth weight
  • Lowered natural immune response

Experts believe that continued exposure to PFAS, such as through occupational exposure, is the most likely to contribute to health conditions. Therefore, it is critical to take precautions when you use PFAS-containing materials in your operations. 

Rubber Products With PFAS Chemicals

Which Rubber Products are made with PFAS Chemicals?

Some rubber products contain fluoropolymers, a type of PFAS, to achieve desired material characteristics. While new EPA regulations lump these with other high-risk PFAS, they have distinct characteristics that present a significantly lower risk to public health. 

The two pain types of fluoropolymers used in rubber are fluoroelastomers and fluorosilicone. Each has unique characteristics and applications.


We use several fluoroelastomers, including Viton, in products including bumpers, extrusions, gaskets,  grommets, and seals. They have a high tolerance to heat, oil, and solvents.


We use fluorosilicone in products that require resistance to aromatic and chlorinated solvents and oxidizing chemicals. Applications include insulation grommets and recess bumpers. Flurosilicone is not suitable for high-heat applications. 

Your Source for Safe, High-Quality Rubber Products

Kismet Rubber Products manufactures and sells rubber products to various industries. We have an extensive history of embracing new technology, making advances in production, and providing superior customer service to our clients. We adhere to all regulations regarding PFAS chemicals in rubber products. Request a quote to see how our rubber products fit into your manufacturing needs. 


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