Thermoplastic & Flexible PVC Extrusion

Kismet Rubber Products has earned the reputation as a leading plastics extruder for industrial applications, specializing in thermoplastic rubber (TPE) and flexible PVC. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence for every project, coupled with our experience and knowledge of the industries we serve, ensure that your extruded plastic product will meet or exceed your expectations. For over 60 years, Kismet has provided high quality, high performance extruded parts to the electronics, aerospace, healthcare, construction, transportation, food processing, marine, appliance, and power generation industries.

Plastic Extrusion Capabilities

Plastic Extrusion Technologies

Our 100,000 sq. ft. production facility is equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, providing us with the capabilities to extrude all types of custom products and the capacity to manufacture quantities from short run to full production runs. We can extrude parts with profile sizes from 0.060" to 4.00" in thickness and up to 6.00" in length, with a maximum profile size of 12.00 sq. inches, in simple to complex geometries. We specialize in extruded profiles, tubing & cord, gaskets & seals, door gaskets, window glazing gaskets, electrical enclosure seals & gaskets, formed hose, and lathe cut washers, and can manufacture specialty products for your application. Our capabilities include:

  • In-house tool design and production, including extrusion dies and splicing molds
  • Precision extrusion of dense materials and simple and complex geometries, with eight extrusion lines
  • Precision cutting using guillotine, electro-cut (lathe cut), Versa or Thropp processes
  • Precision vulcanized splicing, mitered spliced or injection molded corners and joints
  • Continuous cure on plastic extrusion system to provide tighter tolerances, long lengths, shorter cure cycles, and in-line cutting of finished parts
  • Standard and specialty TPE and Flexible PVC compounds and formulations
  • Materials available in commercial and specification grades to meet industry and regulatory standards, including Mil Spec, ASTM [D-2000], SAE, FDA, UL, AMS, and FMVSS
  • Color matching
  • Value-added services, including in-line marking, notching, hole punching, slitting, metal/rubber and plastic/rubber parts assembly.

At Kismet Rubber Products, we are committed to providing you with high quality, reliable, and durable thermoplastic rubber (TPE) and flexible PVC extrusions manufactured to meet or exceed your specifications. With over 60 years of experience, we have the expertise to manufacture the part you need and deliver it on time and installation-ready. We understand that the quality of your finished part is dependent on the quality of the parts and components you use. We manufacture our parts to be reliable, durable, and to meet your performance requirements.

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